About Us

Our vision is to build a hijabi community that is inclusive and representative of many diverse cultures and traditions. Hijabsandstuff was created to bridge the gap developed by the inaccessible nature of fashionable hijab styles.

Our story begins with three main questions:

  1. How easily can a modern modest hijabi find hijabs in brick and mortar stores?
  2. How accessible are different styles and colours of hijabs online?
  3. Why do the first two questions exist?

Hijabsandstuff started with the intention to answer the questions previously mentioned. We noticed the difficulty and inaccessibility of hijabs online and offline. So, we decided to make a difference. We built a space for women to shop all their favourite staple hijab pieces and to divest into purchasing modern diverse styles. With hijabs curated in different parts of the world, we push hijab fashion boundaries.

Hijabsandstuff hopes to continue to answer the questions and raise new questions that need to be answered.

We hope to push the hijab community further and to be part of the culture.